And with that, TIKI+trundle was born.

Quite literally, it happened so fast you missed the first part of our story. One day we were minding our own business, and the next we were uploading random works of creativity to our new website.

Collectively, TIKI+trundle is the creative distraction (or outlet, depending on who’s asking) of a girl and her gang of artistic comrades (mostly family members).

TIKI+trundle is named after the distinct sounds of two four-legged friends racing to dinner. Their delight in the most simple things, and curiosity of the natural world bring both inspiration and wisdom to our design process.

I grew up in the workshop and sewing room. When I was little, my mom used to do craft fairs with her fiber art work and I would join. My dad is a renaissance man and no house project — including building a ginormous 2-car garage — was out of reach.

I have always had a “creative” side. Mostly this side is “fed” out of necessity — I have a need for something functional in my home, and I design something that is both aesthetically pleasing AND (most importantly) functional.

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